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The Curious Reader: Exploring Personal and Academic Inquiry
  • Bruce Ballenger, Boise State University
  • Michelle Payne, Boise State University
Bridging the gap between personal and academic writing, The Curious Reader is a composition reader that introduces students to the unique reading strategies used by writers who research. Beginning with essays and creative nonfiction, readings that many students will be surprised to discover are research based, The Curious Reader leads students to see the many connections between all fact-based writing, whether it’s a personal essay or an article from a scholarly journal. The Curious Reader invites students to become active researchers as they are encouraged to confront underlying beliefs that either hinder or help their fact-based writing. Questions and assignments ask students to explain, evaluate, explore, and reflect on what they have read and how it has changed their thinking.
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Bruce Ballenger and Michelle Payne. The Curious Reader: Exploring Personal and Academic Inquiry. New York(2006)
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