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Front-line Regulators and their Approach to Environmental Regulation in Southwest Ohio
Review of Policy Research
  • Michelle C. Pautz, University of Dayton
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Regulatory approaches and strategies are frequently the subject of study in various literatures, but that examination focuses on practices rather than looking more deeply at the nature of regulatory interactions. Also missing is a more thorough look at what it is front-line regulators—in this case, environmental inspectors and site coordinators—desire in their interactions and how they perceive their regulatory counterparts. Interviews with regulators in Southwest Ohio reveal that 82 percent of them think the regulated community intends to comply with regulations. Additionally, 71 percent of regulators say that their interactions are positive with the regulated community with three-quarters indicating that trust plays a role in these interactions. Only 36 percent of interviewees prefer a clear cut and consistent approach while the rest favor a collaborative approach or some combination thereof. These findings should impact discussions concerning regulatory approaches in environmental policy, particularly conversations concerning next-generation policies.

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Michelle C. Pautz. "Front-line Regulators and their Approach to Environmental Regulation in Southwest Ohio" Review of Policy Research Vol. 27 Iss. 6 (2010)
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