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Gravitational Waves: New Observatories for New Astronomy
The Physics Teacher
  • Louis J. Rubbo, Penn State
  • Shane L. Larson, Utah State University
  • Michelle B. Larson, Utah State University
  • Kristina D. Zaleski, Penn State
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American Association of Physics Teachers
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This article reviews the current status of gravitational wave astronomy and explains why astronomers are excited about the new generation of gravitational wave detectors. As part of the review we compare and contrast gravitational radiation to the more familiar electromagnetic radiation. We discuss the current indirect experimental evidence for gravitational waves and how current and future gravitational wave detectors will operate as our newest telescopes are pointed at the skies.

Originally published by the American Association of Physics Teachers. HTML fulltext can be accessed through The Physics Teacher journal.
Note: At time of publication, Shane Larson and Michelle Larson were affiliated with Center for Gravitational Wave Physics, Pennsylvania State University.
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Louis J. Rubbo, Shane L. Larson, Michelle B. Larson and Kristina D. Zaleski. "Gravitational Waves: New Observatories for New Astronomy" The Physics Teacher Vol. 44 Iss. 7 (2006) p. 420 - 423
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