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No Fees Required: Opening Access to University Content (Tech Talk)
The Idaho Librarian (2011)
  • Michelle Armstrong, Boise State University
  • Julia Stringfellow, Boise State University
This article shares information from a presentation at the 2011 Southwest Idaho Library Association Regional Conference, which explored increased access to university collections and scholarship and the great benefits this provides for all library communities. Access to university records and scholarship, both born digital and originally in paper, is improved by providing them in an open, electronic format. The session featured examples of institutional repositories and the types of digital content they include, and provided resources with information on creating and implementing an institutional repository.
Publication Date
May, 2011
Citation Information
Michelle Armstrong and Julia Stringfellow. "No Fees Required: Opening Access to University Content (Tech Talk)" The Idaho Librarian Vol. 61 Iss. 1 (2011)
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