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About Dr. Michelle Anderson

Michelle is a Principal Research Fellow in Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation. She is also the Tender Bridge™ Director, ACER’s national research and development service ( Michelle initiated this service for school leaders (aspiring and serving) to help them grow and resource their educational projects to maximise impact and she is leading currently, in partnership with The Ian Potter Foundation and the Origin Foundation a national study investigating the impact of philanthropy in education. Prior to joining ACER in 2005, Michelle was a researcher with the National College for School Leadership in England in the school-to-school Networked Learning Communities program.
Michelle has published widely with recent co-authored publications in ACER’s Research Developments, ‘Maximising the impact of philanthropy in education’, Educational Dialogue Series: Learning for leadership and A Collective Act: Leading a small school; as well as key reports: Leading Learning in Education and Philanthropy Survey Report (2011, 2012). In 2010, Michelle was awarded an Australian Council of Educational Leaders (ACEL) Fellowship (Victoria) in recognition of having made a significant contribution to leadership in Victoria. Michelle is also a Board of Director for the Schools Connect Australia foundation and has a PhD (University of London) and MEd (University of Melbourne), both in educational leadership.

Research Interests

Leadership and Inclusion

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Contact Information

Australian Council for Educational Research
19 Prospect Hill Rd,
Camberwell, VIC, Australia 3124
T: +61 3 9277 5555
F: +61 3 9277 5500


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