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About Michelle Panchuk

My  current research projects cluster at the intersection of philosophy of religion with trauma theory, feminist philosophy, and philosophy of disability.  These projects are guided by an interest in giving a philosophical account of, and response to, the phenomenon of religious trauma.  Prior to coming to Murray State, I held a postdoctoral research fellowship in the Center for Philosophy of Religion at the University of Notre Dame focusing on this topic.  My other research interests include oppression-based trauma, creating more inclusive conversations and research methodologies in analytic philosophy of religion and analytic theology, and Russian Philosophy.  While I take a special kind of joy in teaching introductory philosophy courses, my primary teaching interests are in philosophy of religion, feminist philosophy, and philosophy of trauma. Outside of the office and the classroom I enjoy volunteering as a CASA, reading children’s fantasy, writing “found poetry” as a response to hermeneutical injustices, and cycling.


Present Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Murray State University Department of English and Philosophy

Curriculum Vitae

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Honors and Awards

  • Emerging Scholar Award (2020)


  • PHI 357: Feminist Philosophy
  • PHI/RGS 221: Philosophy of Religion
  • PHI/ENG 360: Literature and Philosophy (Science Fiction and Feminisms)
  • PHI 142: Philosophy: The Big Questions
  • PHI 202: Ethics


2016 PhD, University of South Carolina ‐ Department of Philosophy

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