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About Michèle A. Schaal

My research focuses on late 20th and early 21st literature and women writers; gender studies; American third-wave feminism; contemporary French feminisms; intermediality; as well as literary hypermodernity. My purpose as a teacher is to foster an inclusive environment and to actively engage students in the learning process. For that reason, my lectures only provide the necessary background information and, from that starting point, I let the students express and share their analysis of the material I assign. Active and engaged discussions, for me, truly foster critical thinking. I also believe that teaching and hearing different perspectives enable students to become responsible global citizens. Beyond fiction or theory, literature—and art at large—as well as Women’s and Gender studies representways to depict and understand human societies at specific given times. When classes on such matters are inclusive, they also allow for a variety of perspectives that can only enrich students’ grasp of the world and fellow human beings.


Present Assistant Professor, Iowa State University Department of World Languages and Cultures

Curriculum Vitae

Honors and Awards

  • 2015 Women’s and Gender Studies – Outstanding Award in Teaching, Iowa State University
  • 2014 Women’s and Gender Studies – Director’s Choice Award for Outstanding Service to or Scholarship in the Discipline, Iowa State University
  • 2013 Women’s and Gender Studies – Director’s Choice Award for Program Participation, Iowa State University
  • 2003 Grace P. Young Graduate Award, in recognition of exceptional achievement in French literary studies, Indiana University Bloomington
  • 2003 French Assistant Instructor Award, in recognition of exceptional achievement in undergraduate language teaching, Indiana University Bloomington


  • FRNCH 302: Reading and Writing French
  • FRNCH 301: French Writing and Grammar
  • ENGL 201: Introduction to Literature
  • ENGL 250: ISUComm Foundation Communication Course: Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic
  • ENGL 349: Multicultural Literatures of the United States
  • ENGL 545: Women’s Literature
  • WS 201: Introduction to Women’s Studies
  • WS 501: Contemporary Feminist Theory

Contact Information

2230 Pearson
505 Morrill Rd
Ames, IA 50011
Phone: 515-294-4856
Fax: 515-294-9914


Exhibitions (17)

Peer-reviewed articles (8)