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Assessing the Proposed Refugee Protection Act: One Step in the Right Direction
Georgetown Immigration Law Journal (2000)
  • Michele R. Pistone
Professor Pistone discusses the Refugee Protection Act (RPA), the proposed legislation which revisits the one year asylum filing deadline and expedited removal provisions, some of the more controversial provisions of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (IIRIRA). This paper analyzes the appropriateness of RPA's proposed changes to existing law and how it can better meet its goal of helping to "ensure that those who arrive in the United States fleeing persecution have a fair and adequate opportunity to present claims for protection." Part I provides background information concerning current U.S. refugee and asylum law. Part II discusses the RPA's proposed changes to the deadline for filing for asylum implemented by IIRIRA and how the RPA proposal can be improved. Part III explains and critiques the proposed changes to the expedited removal process.
Publication Date
August, 2000
Citation Information
Michele R. Pistone. "Assessing the Proposed Refugee Protection Act: One Step in the Right Direction" Georgetown Immigration Law Journal (2000)
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