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Unpublished Paper
Alexander and Anne: Adamantly Arguing Against Anarchy
  • Michele Gibney

Today I will turn my eye and yours to two “visions of order” by Alexander Pope and Anne Finch. In these “visions,” obviously meant to influence their audience into agreement, Pope and Finch present two widely differing ideals. On the one hand there is Finch who, in a solitary nighttime ramble, contemplates the harmony and order of nature without man or God. Then there is Pope, whose order is all centered on God and how God created Order for Man. The one thing they both have in common is that they view man as a being who constantly disrupts these two forms of order with his own interests. Therein lies the tangle that I wish to discuss—that order regulates and disorder is an anarchy that must be prevented. In their “visions of order” Pope and Finch are merely arguing against disorder and it is that, I think, that is the most important instigator for order of all.

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Michele Gibney. "Alexander and Anne: Adamantly Arguing Against Anarchy" (2000)
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