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Unpublished Paper
The Promise of Education: Knowledge-Banking On Your Future
  • Michele Gibney

This paper presents a discussion of two instructional strategies—behaviorism and cognitive learning. The emphasis is on determining the effective and ineffective portions of these teaching models. The author provides first-hand experiences in employing and receiving instruction based on these theories as well as corroboration from notable academics in the field. A brief discussion of the symbiotic relationship between theory and instructional strategy is touched upon in order to display understanding of how theory can lead to practical teaching. The overall purpose of the paper is to determine which theories lead to the best strategies and in turn to the ideal education model for students. The private conclusion of the author is that cognitive learning offers the greatest personal satisfaction and educational stimulus.

  • instructional strategies,
  • instructional learning,
  • behavioral learning,
  • cognitive learning
Publication Date
September 19, 2008
Citation Information
Michele Gibney. "The Promise of Education: Knowledge-Banking On Your Future" (2008)
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