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Unpublished Paper
Enjo Kosai: Brand Name Marketing
  • Michele Gibney

Media is a contributing factor in creating a market for the prostitution of minors in Japan today. Media creates an image to which the girls aspire by placing the trendiest items in the hands of music and movie idols who the girls look up to . The drive to then own these trendy, and expensive, products forces the girls into marketing their bodies to strangers. Though in many ways media can be seen as the root of all evil through print and film advertisements, there are some forms of media which work as a caution instead of an encouragement to the viewing public. Many forms of Japanese anime and manga depict violent rapes and abuses performed on teenage girls, whether willing or not. However, there is one show about the kogals of Shibuya called Super-Gals, that demeans the institution of enjo kosai, “compensated dating”, and advocates its obliteration from Japanese society. Thus, I would argue that even though compensated dating is a flourishing industry in Japan today as I will describe by numerous examples, there is some backlash against it in popular media.

  • enjo kosai,
  • compensated dating,
  • prostitution,
  • Japan
Publication Date
November 15, 2004
Citation Information
Michele Gibney. "Enjo Kosai: Brand Name Marketing" (2004)
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