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2016 SERI OUTREACH - Rome, 19/21 May 2016 - CALL FOR PAPERS
  • michele faioli
In recent years, Europe has been tormented by an unprecedented financial and eco- nomic crisis. It has caused unemployment and social emergencies, and raised existential dilemmas for the European Union as a whole. The European Commission’s Blueprint for a Deep and Genuine EMU and the Four Presidents’ Report of 2012 envisage transnational fiscal shock absorbers for the EMU in the long term (http://
In this framework, the European Unemployment Benefit Scheme (EUBS) should be a form of supranational automatic stabilizer. Its focus is on the labor market, with a link to cyclical developments. EUBS could help to achieve macro-economic stabilization and social outcomes in case of economic shocks. The stabilizing, “shock-absorbing” effect of EUBS would essentially lie in the fact that it would break the cycle of shock- hit countries having to impose extra spending cuts or levy increased taxes to offset falling revenues and rising unemployment expenditure. At the same time, the EUBS idea has raised concerns in relation to the division of legal competences between the European and national levels, as well as to implementation modalities, fiscal responsibility, and moral hazard. Several proposals were brought forward for such schemes (i.e. Equivalent EUBS, Basic Genuine EUBS, Top-Up Genuine EUBS).
Academic investigations/studies concerning (i) legal implementation of EUBS, both at national level and at European level, and/or (ii) socio-econo- mic implementation, using both macro and micro-simulations to model the value added of EUBS, will be selected for the 2016 SERI Outreach. 
  • European Unemployment Benefit
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Spring 2016
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michele faioli. "2016 SERI OUTREACH - Rome, 19/21 May 2016 - CALL FOR PAPERS" (2016)
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