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Improving the Accuracy of Teachers' Judgments of Student Learning
Teaching and Teacher Education
  • Keith W. Thiede, Boise State University
  • Jonathan L. Brendefur, Boise State University
  • Michele B. Carney, Boise State University
  • Joe Champion, Boise State University
  • Lindsey Turner, Boise State University
  • Roger Stewart, Boise State University
  • Richard D. Osguthorpe, Boise State University
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We examined the effect of different professional development programs on the accuracy of teachers' judgments of their students' learning during three academic years. Teachers participated in a program focused on improving (a) use of formative assessment, (b) student-centered mathematics instruction, (c) use of both formative assessment and student-centered mathematics instruction; or (d) neither—a control group. Teachers' judgment accuracy was greater for teachers who participated in professional development around improving student-centered mathematics instruction than for other groups. A multilevel analysis showed a significant positive relation between the accuracy of teachers' judgments and student achievement.

Citation Information
Thiede, Keith W.; Brendefur, Jonathan L.; Carney, Michele B.; Champion, Joe; Turner, Lindsey; Stewart, Roger; and Osguthorpe, Richard D. (2018). "Improving the Accuracy of Teachers' Judgments of Student Learning". Teaching and Teacher Education, 76, 106-115.