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About Michele Braun

My current project, tentatively titled Posthuman Spaces: The Interrelation of Space and Subjectivity in Contemporary Urban Narratives, seeks to explore the relationship between people and their urban environments as represented in a series of late twentieth and early twenty-first century novels. It draws upon the practice of psychogeography, theories of the posthuman, urban development and planning, and spatial theory. It is also informed by the flaneur of the nineteenth century who is a similar figure, though his seeing and being seen is more performative than the activities of the twenty-first century navigator of a city, who more often is pragmatic in choosing routes, even when those routes are deliberately peripatetic disruptions of non-walking spaces.
It focuses on London as an example of posthuman space and psychogeographical space because of its position simultaneously as a cosmopolitan centre of global finance and commerce and its long history. It uses contemporary novels of cosmopolitan life by writers like Ian McEwan, Anita Desai and Zadie Smith as well as those that posit a hidden London (China Mieville, Neil Gaiman) or an apocalyptic one (Ronald Wright, Will Self) to consider the role of London in the construction of space and identity in post-millennial literature.


Present Faculty Member, Mount Royal University

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Contemporary British Literature and Popular Culture

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