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Usability Study of a Library’s Mobile Website: An Example from Portland State University
Information Technology and Libraries
  • Kimberly D. Pendell, Portland State University
  • Michael S. Bowman, Portland State University
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  • Web sites,
  • Smartphones
To discover how a newly developed library mobile website performed across a variety of devices, the authors used a hybrid field and laboratory methodology to conduct a usability test of the website. Twelve student participants were recruited and selected according to phone type. Results revealed a wide array of errors attributed to site design, wireless network connections, as well as phone hardware and software. This study provides an example methodology for testing library mobile websites, identifies issues associated with mobile websites, and provides recommendations for improving the user experience.

This work was published in the 2012 issue of Information Technology and Libraries (

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Pendell, K. D., & Bowman, M. S. (2012). Usability Study of a Library's Mobile Website: An Example from Portland State University. Information Technology & Libraries, 31(2), 45-62.