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Usability Testing Library Mobile Websites in a Fragmented Smartphone Market
Online Northwest
  • Kimberly D Pendell, Portland State University
  • Michael S. Bowman, Portland State University
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Conference Track

Many libraries are developing mobile websites to serve their users on the growing market of mobile devices. This presentation will provide an overview of mobile website design and common usability concerns, and an example of a mobile site usability test. The current mobile device environment and trends will also be discussed. This presentation will be helpful to others interested in the design or usability of mobile websites, and those looking for practical suggestions on conducting mobile website usability tests in their library.

Start Date
10-2-2012 1:15 PM
End Date
10-2-2012 2:00 PM
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Kimberly D Pendell and Michael S. Bowman. "Usability Testing Library Mobile Websites in a Fragmented Smartphone Market" (2012)
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