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About Michaela S. Halpern

Many consider my life to be “unconventional”; I have travelled widely, lived in radically different cultures within the US and Europe, studied in Italy, Scotland, and Austria, and did not think it odd that at the age of six, I was proficient in several different languages. I have always known that I wanted my life to be international, multicultural, and yes, “different”. That is what initially motivated me to pursue not only a legal career but one in the international arena.
We live in a transnational world with increasingly fluid borders. It is very rare that an interaction within a country will remain within that bubble. The fact is, however, that the law is slow to change and adapt; the world is not the same as it was in 1945 when the UN Charter was enacted and yet the law governing international affairs appears to remain at a standstill. International law as it stands today is neither sufficient nor effectively enforced and it needs to adapt to the rapidly changing era. I would like to be a part of such change.


Present Faculty Member, Georgetown University

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