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About Michael L. Wolfe

A major portion of my research has involved population analysis and management strategies for various ungulates both in North America and on other continents. Species studied include several cervids, bison, mountain goats and feral equids. Previous work includes investigations in montane coniferous forests, shrub-steppe ranges and wetlands and with several taxa (ungulates, lagomorphs and small mammals, raptors, aquatic furbearers, waterfowl, passerine birds and bats). Prior to assuming my present position at USU, I studied the ecological relationships of moose and wolves on Isle Royale National Park. More recently I served as co-principal investigator of a study of the impact of cougar predation on feral horses in eastern California. Since 1995 I have directed a long-term investigation of cougar ecology and management in Utah. The principal objectives of this study have been to develop and refine census procedures for the animals, and investigate cougar response to urbanization, habitat fragmentation and exploitation from behavioral, demographic and landscape perspectives. My doctoral research dealt with the historical development and wildlife-biological and socio-political implications of game administration systems in North America and the western European countries.


Emeritus Faculty Member, Utah State University Wildland Resources

Curriculum Vitae

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Honors and Awards

  • Award of Excellence (2008), Utah Chapter of The Widlife Society
  • Fulbright Award for teaching and Research in Chile, 2003
  • Fellowship from OAS for research in Chile and Argentina, 1989-90.
  • Fellowship from University of New England (Australia) for visiting scholars, 1989
  • Fulbright Award for lecturing in the USSR, 1986-87
  • Wildlife Society Special Group Achievement
  • Participant in the Inter-Academy Exchange Program
  • Volkswagen Foundation Grant, 1966
  • Fulbright Award for study in Germany, 1963-65

Peer-Reviewed Papers (41)