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Befriending Death: Over 100 Essayists on Living and Dying
  • michael c vocino, University of Rhode Island
  • Alfred G. Killilea, University of Rhode Island
This book provides brief essays from people of a vast array of backgrounds, all taking death seriously and openly reflecting on how and where they find meaning in life. Many of these voices are from the smallest state, Rhode Island, which we feel serves as a microcosm of the diversity and insight of the larger country. This chance for a rare sharing of views on a truly profound subject has attracted commentators who are deeply religious and those who are not religious, noted authors and people who have never published a word, people celebrated by the world and people ignored by the world. As they are all equal in their mortality, they are equal in striving for an authentic existence and an honest description of what for them constitutes fulfillment.
  • Death,
  • Mortality
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michael c vocino and Alfred G. Killilea. Befriending Death: Over 100 Essayists on Living and Dying. Bloomington, Indiana(2014)
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