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Plan for Information Literacy at the University of Rhode Island
  • Joanna Burkhardt, University of Rhode Island
  • Mary MacDonald, University of Rhode Island
  • Andrée J. Rathemacher, University of Rhode Island
  • J. Laurence Kelland, University of Rhode Island
  • Michael Vocino, University of Rhode Island
The past 5 years have seen enormous change in the style of reference work that is done by librarians at the University of Rhode Island (URI) Library. Before the arrival of publicly accessible online databases and catalogs, there were clear lines regarding "doing reference" and teaching how to use the library. Now efforts are more directed toward teaching the URI community how to approach the wide array of resources available to them. With this in mind, the Task Force for Teaching and Research recommends a collective shift from thinking of reference and teaching as separate but related activities to restructuring into a Teaching Library where services are actively promoted as the bridge to information empowerment--to be the link between classroom and information resources. The goal of the Information Literacy Plan described in this document is not to undo the current program in library instruction, but to expand and fortify it. This Plan outlines the following: coordination of information literacy efforts, including what the Library Curriculum Committee will be charged with; ways that the information literacy needs of URI students will be addressed; delivery options for addressing the information literacy needs and awareness of URI faculty; objectives of the Information Literacy Program; a chart outlining information literacy concepts that need to be covered throughout the program/curriculum; delivery options through which these concepts can be taught at URI; and suggested implementation at URI for each year of undergraduate study and for graduate students.
  • information literacy; higher education; academic libraries
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Burkhardt, Joanna, Mary MacDonald, Andrée J. Rathemacher, J. Laurence Kelland and Michael Vocino. Plan for Information Literacy at the University of Rhode Island. Washington, D.C.: Education Resources Information Center, 2000. ED455849.