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Criminal Law Simulations: Bridge to Practice
McGeorge School of Law Teaching Materials
  • Michael Vitiello
Legal educators are increasingly interested in providing students with hands-on experience and with meaningful assessment of their performance. That is especially true in the current law-business context where employers expect newly hired attorneys to be able to practice law from day one. The Bridge to Practice Simulation Series is designed to help law students develop essential skills from the first day of their legal education. This volume in the Series introduces students to important Criminal Law topics. The simulations run the gamut from purposes of punishment, through actus reus, mens rea, causation, mistake of law and fact, homicide, felony murder, rape, self-defense, and accomplice liability, among other topics. The volume is accompanied by a Teachers Manual that explains how a professor can integrate the simulations seamlessly into a traditional Criminal Law class.
Publication Date
West Academic Publishing

Bridge to Practice Series, Criminal Law Simulations (co-authored with Emily Hughes)(West 2015)

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Michael Vitiello. Criminal Law Simulations: Bridge to Practice. St. Paul, MN(2015)
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