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Seasonal Oscillations in Mesospheric Temperatures at Low-latitudes
Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics
  • Y. Zhao
  • Michael J. Taylor, Utah State University
  • H. L. Liu
  • R. G. Roble
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Using 3 years of high-quality temperature measurements (2002–2004) recorded from Maui, HI (20.8°N), we have investigated the characteristics of mesospheric seasonal oscillations at low-latitudes. Measurements of the near-infrared OH (6,2) and O2 (0,1) nightglow emission layers (centered at ∼87 and ∼94 km) independently reveal a distinct semi-annual oscillation (SAO) and annual oscillation (AO) with amplitudes of ∼3.8 and ∼2.0 K, respectively. An observed asymmetry in the seasonal variation of the nocturnal mean, previously reported by Taylor et al. [2005. Characterization of the semi-annual-oscillation in mesospheric temperatures at low-latitudes. Advances in Space Research 35, doi:10.1016/j.asr.2005.05.111] from this site is shown to be due to a superposed AO of amplitude ∼50% of the SAO signature. Detailed investigations of the local-time variation of the SAO amplitude and phase combined with TIME-GCM simulations of the seasonal variation of the diurnal tide strongly suggest a large local-time dependence of the amplitude (but not phase) of the observed SAO. These data indicate that the true mean temperature SAO amplitude could be as high as ∼7 K at this latitude.

Published by Elsevier in Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics.

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Zhao, Y., M.J. Taylor, H.-L. Liu, and R.G. Roble, Seasonal oscillations in mesospheric temperatures at low-latitudes, J. Atmos. Solar-Terr., Phys., 69, 2367-2378, doi:10.1016/j.jastp.2007.07.010 2007.