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Value Capture Theory: A Strategic Management Review
Strategic Management Journal (2017)
  • Joshua S. Gans
  • Michael D Ryall
Traditionally, theoretical claims in strategic management have been supported by informal, qualitative reasoning. Recently, however, a new line of theoretical work based upon mathematical methods, known as “value capture theory,” has been gaining in popularity. This article reviews the recent advances in this line with a particular emphasis upon a number of its important insights, several of which challenge longstanding propositions from the traditional line. For managers, the formal nature of value capture theory is well-aligned with data-driven analyses of strategic situations 
  • value capture model,
  • value creation,
  • cooperative game theory,
  • strategy
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Joshua S. Gans and Michael D Ryall. "Value Capture Theory: A Strategic Management Review" Strategic Management Journal Vol. 38 (2017) p. 17 - 41
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