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Some improvements to the MINIMOP multi-access operating system
Software: Practice & Experience (1971)
  • Michael J Rees

The MINIMOP Multi-Access system provides a range of on-line facilities particularly suitable for a university environment. Programs in ALGOL and FORTRAN can be written and tested under MINIMOP; a conversational subsystem, derived from JOSS, considerably enhances the usefulness of the Multi-Access system. After one year's operation at the University of Southampton, it was considered desirable to attempt to expand the facilities of MINIMOP, and correct some of the faults still present in the system. This paper, after a brief description of the basic system, describes the modifications that have been made, and presents some extensions that may be possible in the future.

  • operating systems
Publication Date
January 1, 1971
Publisher Statement
Citation only

Rees, M. J. (1971), Some improvements to the MINIMOP multi-access operating system. Software: Practice & Experience, 1, 175-188.

DOI: 10.1002/spe.4380010208

Citation Information
Michael J Rees. "Some improvements to the MINIMOP multi-access operating system" Software: Practice & Experience Vol. 1 (1971)
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