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Communication Skills for Professional Nurses
Communication Faculty Book Gallery
  • Michael P Pagano, Fairfield University
  • Sandra L. Ragan
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How nurses communicate with other health professionals, persuade patients to comply with medical treatment or document treatment is vital to the treatment of patients. This volume enables nurses to develop proficiency in written and verbal communication to help them demonstrate their competency and credibility to fellow nurses, other health care professionals and patients. The authors discuss the fundamentals of interpersonal communication such as its transactional nature. Scenarios of effective and ineffective communication techniques, with guiding questions and case studies, give nursing students and practicing nurses an opportunity to analyze their own responses to certain situations.
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Pagano, Michael. P. & Ragan, Sandra. L. (1992). Communication Skills for Professional Nurses. Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications.

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Michael P Pagano and Sandra L. Ragan. Communication Skills for Professional Nurses. (1992)
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