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Streetcar Stories DVD
  • Michael Mizell-Nelson, University of New Orleans

This broadcast documentary explores the cultural history of New Orleans streetcars and the US streetcar industry. Having premiered in 1995 to commemorate the 160th anniversary of New Orleans’ St. Charles Avenue streetcar, Streetcar Stories looks beneath the nostalgic veneer of New Orleans’ “moving monuments” to reveal a dynamic series of stories about the past through the experiences of the men and women who worked on the city’s street railway system from the 1910s-1970s. Interviews recorded in the early 1990s afford insight into the world of conductors and “conductorettes,” motormen and “motorettes” as well as the passengers during some of the most contentious periods in 20th century history.

  • urban transit,
  • streetcar,
  • oral history,
  • video documentary
Publication Date
Fall 2012
Citation Information
Michael Mizell-Nelson. "Streetcar Stories DVD" (2012)
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