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Book Review -- William Patry, How to Fix Copyright
The IP Law Book Review (2013)
  • Michael J. Madison
I review William Patry’s book How to Fix Copyright. The book is noteworthy for its ambitious yet measured effort to diagnose where copyright law has gone astray in recent years. It is less successful with respect to proposing possible changes to the law. Most interesting are parallels between How to Fix Copyright and an earlier comprehensive look at copyright law in the digital era: Paul Goldstein’s Copyright’s Highway: From Gutenberg to the Celestial Jukebox. William Patry and Paul Goldstein each have a lot of faith in the power of consumer choice in the cultural marketplace. That faith leads the two authors to very different views of copyright law.
  • copyright,
  • reform,
  • digital networks
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Michael J. Madison. "Book Review -- William Patry, How to Fix Copyright" The IP Law Book Review Vol. 29 Iss. 2 (2013) p. 29 - 35
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