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Room-temperature vibrational properties of the BiMn2O5 mullite
Vibrational Spectroscopy (2013)
  • F M Silva Júnior
  • C. W.A. Paschoal
  • R. M. Almeida
  • R. L. Moreira
  • W. Paraguassu
  • M. C. Castro Junior
  • A. P. Ayala
  • Z. R. Kann
  • Michael W. Lufaso

Raman and infrared spectroscopic measurements were performed and combined with lattice dynamics simulations in order to describe the room temperature vibrational properties of the BiMn2O5 mullite ceramic. A total of 13 Raman active modes and 19 infrared active modes were observed. The lattice dynamics simulation was used to assign the observed bands and to discuss the phonon behavior of this compound. The obtained dielectric constant and unloaded quality factor parameters for BMO ceramic obtained from the infrared data suggest the applicability of the BiMn2O5 as a possible candidate to microwave applications.

  • BiMn2O5,
  • vibrational
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F M Silva Júnior, C. W.A. Paschoal, R. M. Almeida, R. L. Moreira, et al.. "Room-temperature vibrational properties of the BiMn2O5 mullite" Vibrational Spectroscopy Vol. 66 (2013)
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