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Election Forecasts in 1984: How Accurate Were They?
PS: Political Science & Politics
  • Michael S. Lewis-Beck, University of Iowa
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One autumn out of four, election forecasting surpasses baseball as America's national pastime. Then, everyone wants to know who will win, and everyone has a guess. Now, with the ballots carefully counted, forecasters await their awards. Below, I evaluate the quality of a wide range of 1984 presidential and congressional forecasts. The evaluation proceeds from nonscientific to scientific approaches, although this distinction is sometimes blurred. To lower the level of suspense, I should say that some forecasts turned out to be quite good. By way of conclusion, I offer a set of rules for selecting a high-quality forecasting instrument.
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PS: Political Science & Politics, 18:1 (1985) pp. 53-62.
Copyright © 1985 American Political Science Association. Used by permission.
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Michael S. Lewis-Beck. "Election Forecasts in 1984: How Accurate Were They?" PS: Political Science & Politics Vol. 18 Iss. 1 (1985) p. 53 - 62 ISSN: 1049-0965
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