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Reviving a Natural Right: The Freedom of Autonomy
Willamette Law Review (2006)
  • Michael Anthony Lawrence

This article explores the historical foundations of the individual rights of equality and free choice on matters of natural private concern (collectively, “freedom of autonomy”) in America, looks at several present-day applications, and concludes that meaningful steps must be taken – by encouraging greater awareness among lawmakers and courts of original meanings of the constitutional terms “liberty,” “property,” “privileges,” and “immunities,” and perhaps even through constitutional amendment – to revive this most basic right from an overbearing government.

  • individual rights,
  • autonomy,
  • privileges and immunities,
  • liberty,
  • freedom,
  • natural rights
Publication Date
Winter 2006
Citation Information
Michael Anthony Lawrence, Reviving a Natural Right: The Freedom of Autonomy, 42 WILLAMETTE L. REV. 123 (2006).