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Does Off-Shoring IT Make Good Business Sense? Proceed with Caution!
PACIS 2006 Proceedings
  • Michael Lane, University of Southern Queensland
  • Glen Van Der Vyver, University of Southern Queensland
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IT off-shoring has received much attention in the media for both positive and negative reasons. However, there has been a lack of empirical studies that have critically evaluated the practice of IT off-shoring. This paper reports on the initial phase of a qualitative study of the key factors facilitating and inhibiting the adoption of IT offshoring in the Australian financial services industry. Empirical data is being collected in a series of in-depth interviews drawing on the first hand experience of a number of senior business managers and senior IT Executives. The initial findings indicate that organisations are generally positively disposed towards the practice of IT off-shoring but are quite selective in what IT they are off-shoring. The findings also revealed that the perceived cost advantages may actually be much lower than expected due to the considerable establishment and management costs associated with IT off-shoring.
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Michael Lane and Glen Van Der Vyver. "Does Off-Shoring IT Make Good Business Sense? Proceed with Caution!" (2006)
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