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4 West's Federal Administrative Practice
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  • Michael B. Landau, Georgia State University College of Law
  • Charles McManis
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Examines federal administrative practice, providing checklists, forms, instructions and citations. Topics under discussion include: Federal Departments, Agencies and Administration, Internal Revenue, Labor Relations, Workers' Compensation Acts, Government Contracts, Accounting and Claims, Federal Financing, Securities Regulation, Postal Service, Business Regulations, Energy, Environmental Law, Transportation, Education, Agriculture, Public Lands, Public Health, Welfare, Military Service, Benefits and Courts, Civil Service, Passports, Immigration, Naturalization, Deportation, Federal Criminal Procedure, Bankruptcy Law and Practice, Federal Courts and Procedure, Qualified Retirement Plans, RICO, Occupational Safety and Health Act, Collective Bargaining in the Federal Service, and Civil Rights other than, and including, Employment

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Michael B. Landau & Charles McManis, 4 West’s Federal Administrative Practice (3d. ed., West Group 1999 & Supp. 2000-).