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Meeting Horticulture Clientele Interests in an Urban Setting: A Needs Assessment for Reduced Pesticide and Pollinator Education in the Greater Salt Lake Area
J. National Assn. County Ag. Agents
  • K. Wagner
  • Michael R. Kuhns, Utah State University
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It is important for Extension to conduct needs assessments for urban areas because the needs of urban clientele often differ from traditional rural clientele. A brief survey was administered to attendees of a popular festival in Salt Lake County to determine interest in reduced pesticide gardening and pollinator education. Survey results showed substantial interest in reduced pesticide gardening and pollinator education and found the top-rated ways to access information from Extension are factsheets, email, and classes. Survey participants favored online resources over face-to-face contact. These results will impact future programming and outreach efforts by Salt Lake County Extension horticulture faculty.

Citation Information
Wagner, K., and M. Kuhns. 2013 Meeting horticulture clientele interests in an urban setting: A needs assessment for reduced pesticide and pollinator education in the greater Salt Lake area. J. National Assn. County Ag. Agents 6(1). Online at