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Planting Trees for Energy Conservation
Wildland Resources Faculty Publications
  • Michael R. Kuhns, Utah State University
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Utah State University Extension
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Homeowners go to great lengths to conserve energy in this era of tight budgets and environmental awareness. However, many do not realize that the simple act of planting a tree can result in energy savings. Planting the right tree in the right place is the key to saving energy with trees. The right tree in the right place provides wind protection, shade, and cool air, while adding beauty, privacy, and wildlife habitat to the landscape. The right tree in the right place also means tree selection and placement to minimize conflicts with power lines and other obstructions. Many residential power outages are caused by trees interfering with power lines.
Citation Information
Kuhns, M.R. 1993. Planting trees for energy conservation. Utah State Univ. EL 272.