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Field Observations of Australia Private Investigators Conducting Fraud Investigations
Internet Journal of Criminology (2012)
  • Michael King, Charles Sturt University
It has been over a decade since the last study was conducted investigating the nature and role of the private investigation profession. To fill this gap, this study uses semi-structured interviews and field observation of private investigators working within the metropolitan area of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia to obtain data to further this field. This study focuses on the investigative methods used by private investigators to conduct their investigations and examines the ethical and legal issues arising from their work. Despite some advances in training and licensing, the industry is still prone to investigators adopting questionable ethical practices such as deception to solve cases. The objective of this paper is to provide a greater insight into this little understood profession.
Publication Date
Winter December, 2012
Citation Information
Michael King. "Field Observations of Australia Private Investigators Conducting Fraud Investigations" Internet Journal of Criminology (2012)
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