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Report on the Resolution of Outstanding Property Claims Between Cuba & the United States
  • Michael J. Kelly
  • Patrick J. Borchers, Creighton University
  • Erika Moreno, Creighton University
  • Richard C. Witmer, Creighton University
  • James S. Wunsch, Creighton University
  • Arthur B. Pearlstein, Creighton University
This commissioned report to USAID outlines two models for resolution of property claims between Cuba and the United States: (1) a bilateral tribunal that will apply international law for the claims of those who were U.S. nationals at the time of the taking, and (2) a special claims court within the Cuban judiciary that will apply Cuban law based on the Spanish Civil Code for the claims of those who were Cuban nationals at the time of the taking. The report includes a complete audit of FCSC files for American claimants, an extensive review of the property claims systems employed in Nicaragua and Eastern Europe, comparison to the Iran-U.S. Claims Tribunal and other international bodies, and an assessement of the current U.S. legislation and economic and political circumstances in Cuba.
  • Cuba,
  • Castro,
  • expropriation,
  • property,
  • sugar mill,
  • 1959,
  • Cuban-American,
  • FCSC,
  • tribunal,
  • claims tribunal,
  • international tribunal,
  • spanish civil code,
  • eastern europe,
  • foreign investment,
  • iran,
  • iran-u.s. claims tribunal,
  • confiscation,
  • nationalization,
  • nationalize,
  • communist
Publication Date
Fall October 1, 2007
Creighton University Press
Publisher Statement
Copyright, 2007, Creighton University. USAID reserves a royalty-free nonexclusive and irrevocable right to reproduce, publish, or otherwise use, and to authorize others to use the work for Government purposes.
Citation Information
Michael J. Kelly, Patrick J. Borchers, Erika Moreno, Richard C. Witmer, et al.. Report on the Resolution of Outstanding Property Claims Between Cuba & the United States. 1stOmaha(2007)
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