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“Springsteen Noir: Learning to Walk like Heroes”
English and Linguistics Faculty Presentations
  • Michael E. Kaufmann, Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne
  • Michele R. DeVinney, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
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Glory Days Symposium
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Monmouth University, Monmouth, NJ
The cinematic aspect of Springsteen’s songs is an often noted quality, not the least by Springsteen himself. He specifically notes the “greater influence” of film, especially “the 40s and 50s film noir” on his writing in Darkness on the Edge of Town (even down to the title), but implies an equal, if less conscious influence, on Born to Run. Surprisingly, however, few have discussed exactly how film noir informs Springsteen’s work
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Michael E. Kaufmann and Michele R. DeVinney. "“Springsteen Noir: Learning to Walk like Heroes”" (2009)
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