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An Agenda for Diversity and Inclusion-related Research within OR/MS/Analytics
INFORMS Fall National Conference (2016)
  • Michael P Johnson, Jr.
  • George Chichirau, University of Massachusetts Boston
Diversity and inclusion have been widely studied and debated, most often within the social sciences. What contributions can operations research, management science and analytics make to this domain of inquiry? This talk will critically examine assumptions and practices within the decision sciences that may support as well impede diversity- and inclusion-related research, and propose a research agenda that can challenge yet enrich our profession.
  • Diversity,
  • inclusion,
  • operations research,
  • analytics
Publication Date
November 13, 2016
Nashville, TN
Citation Information
Michael P Johnson and George Chichirau. "An Agenda for Diversity and Inclusion-related Research within OR/MS/Analytics" INFORMS Fall National Conference (2016)
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