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Decison Models for Housing and Community Development
Encyclopedia of Housing, Second Edition (2012)
  • Michael P Johnson, Jr., University of Massachusetts Boston
Decision science provides tools and methods to support strategy design and operations in housing and community development by generating guidance regarding the number, type, location and development process of housing units in order to balance objectives such as social benefits and costs, tenure mix and equity. These decision models address the needs of multiple stakeholders, reflect the public and private nature of housing, and incorporate best-available evidence regarding markets, policies and impacts of housing and community development. This chapter reviews applications over the past 30 years and describe current applications in decision support for housing and community development, including: affordable housing, subsidized housing, smart growth, foreclosed housing acquisition and redevelopment and local and regional planning for shrinking cities.
  • Housing,
  • decision models,
  • management science
Publication Date
July 30, 2012
Andrew Carswell
Citation Information
Michael P Johnson. "Decison Models for Housing and Community Development" Encyclopedia of Housing, Second Edition (2012)
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