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Urban Planning and Operations Research: A Review and Critique
INFORMS National Conference (2019)
  • Tayo Fabusuyi, The University Of Michigan
  • Michael P Johnson, Jr.
While inquiry in Operations Research (OR) modeling of Urban Planning (UP) processes is longstanding, the OR discipline has not influenced UP at a level of other domains such as public policy and information technology. Could an OR approach which focuses on the complex, emergent nature of cities and the institutional environment enable interventions that better address challenges that are complex, multi-stakeholder and stochastic in nature? Based on a critique of research and practice in OR and UP, we argue that a prospective and prescriptive approach to
planning that embraces mixed-methods can help researchers and practitioners develop programs that reflect community needs and concerns.
  • urban planning,
  • operations research,
  • planning models,
  • smart cities,
  • big data
Publication Date
October 20, 2019
Seattle, WA
Presented by Michael Johnson
Citation Information
Tayo Fabusuyi and Michael P Johnson. "Urban Planning and Operations Research: A Review and Critique" INFORMS National Conference (2019)
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