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Christs Earthly Ministry, v.7.pdf
Life of Christ (2023)
  • Michael J. Smith
This is a chart of the progress of Jesus' earthly life. It is intended to be printed on an 11x17 sheet of paper but could be resized to fit a legal sheet.
Begin to follow the chart at the upper right-hand corner at the yellow "Start" arrow. Follow the circle clockwise around to the top of the circle. At that point, follow down the box describing the last week of Jesus' life.
The boxes on the lower left of the chart describe the yellow and blue circles on the chart. The box with the green border describes the breakdown of Jesus' life into years. Those years are marked by the Passovers at the quarter points on the chart.
The footnote at the bottom gives the reference sources used in the chart.
  • Jesus,
  • Christ,
  • Jesus Christ,
  • Life of Christ,
  • Sermon on the Mount,
  • Miracles,
  • Parables,
  • Passover,
  • John the Baptist,
  • Israel,
  • Sabbath Controversies
Publication Date
Spring April 22, 2023
Citation Information
Michael J. Smith. "Christs Earthly Ministry, v.7.pdf" Life of Christ (2023)
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