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Searching for Common Ground on Hamas Through Logical Argument Mapping
OSSA Conference Archive
  • Michael H G Hoffmann, Georgia Institute of Technology
University of Windsor
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6-6-2007 9:00 AM
End Date
9-6-2007 5:00 PM
Robert Fogelin (1985) formulated the thesis “that deep disagreements cannot be resolved through the use of argument, for they undercut the conditions essential to arguing.” The possibility of arguing presupposes “a shared background of beliefs and preferences,” and if such a background is not given, there is no way of “rational” dispute resolution. By contrast to this pessimistic view, I will propose a method that has been developed to overcome difficulties as described by Fogelin.
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Michael H G Hoffmann. "Searching for Common Ground on Hamas Through Logical Argument Mapping" (2007)
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