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Why Won't the Pope Treat His Faithful Like Adults?
Mission and Catholic Identity Publications
  • Michael W. Higgins, Sacred Heart University
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When Pope Francis summoned bishops from around the world to gather in Rome for a synod on the family this fall, and when he instructed his staff to prepare a questionnaire inviting serious input from the Roman Catholic world, bishops moved quickly to adjust the generic template to their local constituencies. Information was gathered, sifted and systematized in preparation for the gathering. But there are signs that the papal nerve may be wavering a mite. Vatican authorities have actively discouraged, if not directly forbidden, the public release of the materials gathered.

The publisher website links to the comments Michael Higgins' opinion piece elicited.

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Higgins, Michael W. "Why Won't the Pope Treat His Faithful Like Adults? ." Globe and Mail 20 Feb. 2014.