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Teaching New Dogs Old Tricks: Reshaping the Department of Homeland Security's Technology Development Infrastructure
Faculty Scholarship
  • Michael Greenberger, University of Maryland School of Law
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This article discusses the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS’s) use of technology to help fight the war on terror. First, this article reveals how DHS has made little progress in encouraging the development of important technology, despite receiving ample resources from Congress to do so. Second, this article looks to the Office of War Mobilization’s (OWM) work during World War II as a possible template for galvanizing the Nation’s technological talent and resources to fight terror. Third, this article suggests a program for refining the OWM template to meet modern day needs. In this regard, DHS is the “new dog,” that should be “taught” the “old tricks” that so ably helped this country during World War II.
Citation Information
47 Jurimetrics 281 (2007).