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Eternal Recurrence in a Neo-Kantian Context
54 Kriterion: Revista de Filosofia 459-473 (2013)
  • Michael S. Green, William & Mary Law School

In this essay, I argue that someone who adopted a falsificationism of the sort that I have attributed to Nietzsche would be attracted to the doctrine of eternal recurrence. For Nietzsche, to think the becoming revealed through the senses means falsifying it through being. But the eternal recurrence offers the possibility of thinking becoming without falsification. I then argue that someone who held Nietzsche’s falsificationism would see in human agency a conflict between being and becoming similar to that in empirical judgment. In the light of this conflict only the eternal recurrence would offer the possibility of truly affirming life. I end by discussing how this reading of the eternal recurrence solves a number of puzzles that have bedeviled interpreters.

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Michael S. Green. "Eternal Recurrence in a Neo-Kantian Context" 54 Kriterion: Revista de Filosofia 459-473 (2013) (2013)
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