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Preservation of immune function in cervical cancer patients during chemoradiation using a novel integrative approach.
Brain, behavior, and immunity
  • Susan K. Lutgendorf
  • Elizabeth Mullen-Houser
  • Daniel Russell
  • Koen De Geest, University of Iowa
  • Geraldine Jacobson
  • Laura Hart
  • David P Bender, University of Iowa
  • Barrie Anderson
  • Thomas E. Buekers
  • Michael J. Goodheart, University of Iowa
  • Michael H. Antoni
  • Anil K. Sood
  • David M. Lubaroff
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Peer Reviewed
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Patients receiving chemoradiation for cervical cancer are at risk for distress, chemoradiation-related side-effects, and immunosuppression. This prospective randomized clinical trial examined effects of a complementary therapy, Healing Touch (HT), versus relaxation training (RT) and usual care (UC) for (1) supporting cellular immunity, (2) improving mood and quality of life (QOL), and (3) reducing treatment-associated toxicities and treatment delay in cervical cancer patients receiving chemoradiation. Sixty women with stages IB1 to IVA cervical cancer were randomly assigned to receive UC or 4 ×/weekly individual sessions of either HT or RT immediately following radiation during their 6-week chemoradiation treatment. Patients completed psychosocial assessments and blood sampling before chemoradiation at baseline, weeks 4 and 6. Multilevel regression analyses using orthogonal contrasts tested for differences between treatment conditions over time. HT patients had a minimal decrease in natural killer cell cytotoxicity (NKCC) over the course of treatment whereas NKCC of RT and UC patients declined sharply during chemoradiation (group by time interaction: p = 0.018). HT patients showed greater decreases in two different indicators of depressed mood (CES-D depressed mood subscale and POMS depression scale) compared to RT and UC (group by time interactions: p
  • Adult,
  • Affect,
  • Aged,
  • Aged,
  • 80 and over,
  • Antineoplastic Agents,
  • Combined Modality Therapy,
  • Complementary Therapies,
  • Erythrocyte Count,
  • Female,
  • Humans,
  • Killer Cells,
  • Natural,
  • Leukocyte Count,
  • Middle Aged,
  • Prospective Studies,
  • Quality of Life,
  • Radiotherapy,
  • Relaxation,
  • Relaxation Therapy,
  • Social Support,
  • Socioeconomic Factors,
  • Therapeutic Touch,
  • Treatment Outcome,
  • Uterine Cervical Neoplasms,
  • Young Adult
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Brain, behavior, and immunity (2010) 24:8, pp. 1231-1240.
Citation Information
Susan K. Lutgendorf, Elizabeth Mullen-Houser, Daniel Russell, Koen De Geest, et al.. "Preservation of immune function in cervical cancer patients during chemoradiation using a novel integrative approach." Brain, behavior, and immunity Vol. 24 Iss. 8 (2010) p. 1231 - 1240 ISSN: 1090-2139
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