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Fitting Restaurant Service Style to Brand Image for Greater Customer Satisfaction
Center for Hospitality Research Reports
  • Michael D. Giebelhausen, Cornell University School of Hotel Administration
  • Evelyn Chan, MaPS/Millward Brown Analytics
  • Nancy J. Sirianni, Northeastern University
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Supported by academic researchers, the restaurant industry has devoted enormous effort to the task of conceptualizing and developing measures of “service quality,” 1 based on the reasonable proposition that restaurant guests’ satisfaction relies on quality of service. However, it has become clear to us that quality alone is not the full measure of how restaurant guests gauge or react to their servers’ actions. Consequently, in this CHR report, we measure the effects of “service style,” which we conceptualize as a manner of delivering guest service that is specifically identifiable on some dimension other than quality. We feel that this issue of service style has largely been overlooked, and we believe it’s important to assess the effectiveness of different service styles in a particular restaurant context.

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Giebelhausen, M., Chan, E., & Sirianni, N. J. (2016). Fitting restaurant service style to brand image for greater customer satisfaction. Cornell Hospitality Report, 16(9), 3-10.