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About Michael Galchinsky

Michael Galchinsky writes about international human rights law and culture. Topics include post-9/11 approaches to counter-terrorism, genocide prevention, Israeli jurisprudence on occupation issues, modes of human rights literature. Recent and forthcoming work includes: "A Sea Change in Security: How the War on Terror Strengthened Human Rights" (2010), "The Jewish Settlements in the West Bank: International Law and Israeli Jurisprudence" (2004), "Shirking Responsibility for Genocide: New Prevention Efforts in the Shadow of State Refusal and Neglect" (2012), “Framing a Rights Ethos: Artistic Media and the Dream of a Culture without Borders” (2012), “’Quaint and Obsolete’: The ‘War on Terror’ and the Right to Legal Personality" (2012), and Jews and Human Rights: Dancing at Three Weddings (2007).


Present Faculty Member, Georgia State University

Curriculum Vitae