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Cost Estimation When Time and Resources are Limited: The Brief DATCAP
Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment (2004)
  • Michael T. French, University of Miami
  • M. Christopher Roebuck
  • A. Thomas McLellan
The Drug Abuse Treatment Cost Analysis Program (DATCAP) was designed in the early 1990s as a research guide to collect and analyze financial data from addiction treatment programs. The addiction research community could clearly benefit from a version of the DATCAP that reduced the time and effort required for its administration without compromising the integrity of its cost estimates. This paper introduces the Brief DATCAP and presents some preliminary findings. Initial feedback from respondents suggests that the Brief DATCAP is understandable, and easier and quicker to complete than the DATCAP. More importantly, preliminary results indicate that cost estimates from the Brief DATCAP differ from those of the longer DATCAP by less than 2%. These results have important research and policy implications because a shorter yet reasonably accurate cost instrument will enhance the feasibility and precision of future economic evaluations of addiction interventions.
  • Cost,
  • Economics,
  • Brief DATCAP
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Michael T. French, M. Christopher Roebuck and A. Thomas McLellan. "Cost Estimation When Time and Resources are Limited: The Brief DATCAP" Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment Vol. 27 (2004)
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