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Determining Data Information Literacy Needs: A Study of Students and Research Faculty
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  • Jake R Carlson, Purdue University
  • Michael Fosmire, Purdue University
  • Chris Miller, Purdue University
  • Megan R. Sapp Nelson, Purdue University

This article is a pre-print.

Researchers increasingly need to integrate the disposition, management and curation of their data into their current workflows. However, it is not yet clear to what extent faculty and students are sufficiently prepared to take on these responsibilities. This paper articulates the need for a data information literacy program (DIL) to prepare students to engage in such an “e-research” environment. Assessments of faculty interviews and student performance in a geoinformatics course provide complementary sources of information, which are then filtered through the perspective of ACRL’s information literacy competency standards to produce a draft set of outcomes for a data information literacy program.
  • data,
  • information,
  • literacy,
  • instruction,
  • education,
  • students,
  • management,
  • curation
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Jake R Carlson, Michael Fosmire, Chris Miller and Megan R. Sapp Nelson. "Determining Data Information Literacy Needs: A Study of Students and Research Faculty" (2011)
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